Penina Shoshan Pottery is pottery that feels like holding a hike in the woods in your hand

My inspiration comes from the textures and colors of my favorite hiking trails, both close to my Kentucky home at Red River Gorge, and far beyond. From woodland flowers to tree lichen to the textures of rocky outcroppings, I love it all. My goal is to transfer the feeling of hiking in the woods into your hands as you hold a hot mug of tea, or a freshly served bowl of comfort food. My pots are made to be held and used, and I hope they transport you when you use them, as they do me while I am making them.

Pottery Collections

The magic all happens in my backyard studio shed.

These pots are made on an old wheel gifted by a friend and at two small tables propped up on cinder blocks. The glass double doors of my studio look out onto the backyard, where our little urban flock of chickens and ducks roam around looking for treats, and our kids dig mudholes and make up outdoor games. I feel at ease in the studio, productive in a satisfying way. And I am so thankful for this space that enables me to create and be creative.

Jack in the Pulpit Slip Transfer Magic